Introducing “Just Compensation”

I’m Antony Singleton, and this is my semi-professional, semi-personal blog about workers’ compensation.  Thanks for visiting–I hope you’ll find something useful and/or helpful here, whether you’re an injured worker or a worker’s representative.

I’m a staff lawyer at IAVGO, a legal clinic funded by Legal Aid Ontario to advise and represent low income and vulnerable injured workers. Previously, I worked at the Office of the Worker Adviser, and before that, for five years at Green & Chercover (a union-side labour law firm now known as Ursel Phillips Fellows Hopkinson).

On November 2, 2015, I’ll be opening my own law office, and my practice will focus on helping workers in Ontario with their WSIB claims and appeals, and their related legal issues (such as human rights and employment law claims).

In the meantime, I’ll set down in this blog some of my thoughts and observations on workers’ compensation law and practice in Ontario and beyond.  My first substantive post is coming soon…


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